10/01/2013  -  OFFER EXPIRED

*The manufacturer of the AR15 pistol has dramatically lowered their prices and I am passing the savings on to you.  The Extar EXP556 was selling for $599.95 and came with one 30 round magazine.  I can now offer this amazing pistol for $495.00 and you get two 30 round magazines and 60 rounds of .223 ammo included!  Check out the youtube video on my web site and ignore the $599.95 price.

*The basic AR15 with a US Arms Patriot 15 lower and sight ready upper is going for $681.00 and includes two 30 round magazines and 60 rounds of .223 ammo!  I have lots of accessories on hand to “custom build” the AR you need.

*I got a deal on several thousand rounds of Wolf Polyformance .223 55gr FMJ and can let it go for $9.50 per 20 round box.  I also have Wolf Polyformance .223 62gr HP for $9.60 per 20 round box.

*How about some Wolf Polyformance 9mm 115gr FMJ 50 round boxes for just $15.00.

*Buy an original style Slide Fire Solutions (full auto with NO paperwork) stock for $349.00 and get a $100.00 off the price of one of my new AR15 rifles.

*I have two Glock 17, 9mm pistols on hand at reduced pricing.  One Gen3 @ $493.00 and one Gen4 @ $528.00.

Quantities are limited and when this stock runs out, prices are subject to change.