What Laserlyte has done with these new Laser Plinking Cans is to bring the reactive-target aspect of shooting/plinking to the arena of laser training. What you get with the new LaserLyte Laser Plinking Cans is a set of three training targets that “pop” and fall over when you hit them with a laser (They are powered by a 9V battery and a spring loaded plunger in the bottom makes them topple when hit).


These Plinkingare the most fun that I have had yet with any laser trainers, and I was already of the mind set that laser trainers in general were a good way to break the monotony of dry fire practice and make it more engaging. Yes, they are in fact silly, but that is actually what makes them so engaging… and it honestly makes them rather endearing.

The concept here is stupid simple – Its a can. Its a bit smaller than a traditional cola can and it doesn’t really look like any can that you have ever seen before, but you instantly recognize it as a can and EVERYBODY instantly connects with it because EVERYONE understands how much fun it is to plink cans. Men, women, children, …. even if you are not a gun person… Everyone and their grandmother knows the joy of plinking cans. That is because everyone on planet earth at some point in their life has shot cans with either a firearm or a BB gun, and they know how much fun it is. Everyone I show these cans to instantly gets a big, goofy grin on their face and EVERYBODY wants to shoot them. Thats saying something.

The Kids are going to love these also.

Get yours today for just $120.00.  Call 352-344-9663

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